Green Card Replacement

Green Card Replacement

Permanent Resident Card Lost

How To Replace Green Card

You should not worry if you lose your Permanent Residence Green card or Conditional Green Card because you can apply for a new replacement Green Card. However, you should remove conditions on your Green Card if your conditional green card is expiring. You can talk to Houston Immigration Law Lawyers to guide you on what to do when you lose your green card.

Losing Your Green Card Inside The United States

USCIS Green Card Lost

People that lost their green card inside the US should file form I-90 (Application to Replace Permanent Residence Card online or by mail. You need a photocopy of your original Green Card, a copy of your driver’s license, or any other government document that shows your status and personal information.

You can follow the same process if you lose your conditional green card. But you cannot file form I-90 if your conditional green card is about to expire or has expired. You will need guidance from an experienced immigration lawyer because any mistake you make during your application for a replacement of your green card can result in rejection.

A rejection should not discourage you. You can always submit a motion to reopen or reconsider your case, but you cannot appeal the decision.

What If You Lose Your Green Card Outside The U.S.?

How To Get New Green Card

Green Card ReplacementYou will need to return to the U.S. to file a form I-90 if you lose your Permanent Residence Green Card or Conditional Green Card while abroad. Get yourself a Transportation Boarding Foil to return to the United States if you are finding it hard to travel back to the U.S.  Request a report from the local police before you obtain a boarding foil.

 Obtaining A Boarding Foil

Lost Or Stolen Permanent Resident Card

You need to file form I-131A (Application for Travel Document) to get a boarding foil. You have to contact the nearest USCIS field office or Consular section at a U.S. embassy before you pay the form online using the USCIS online payment system. You need to contact them or visit their website to ensure they can process Form I-131A and read all the instructions.

File the form with a U.S. consulate or U.S. embassy.

What Documentation Do You Need At The USCIS Field Office Or US Embassy?

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Lost Green Card

You need the following documents when you go to the US Embassy or USCIS international field office or US consulate:

  • Your passport
  • Form I-131A
  • A copy of the biographic page of the passport
  • Proof that you traveled out of the United States and the date you intended to return. Some evidence includes flight tickets or boarding passes
  • A photo of you that you must take within 30 days of submitting your application
  • Evidence that you paid the fee for filing Form I-131A. You can show a copy of the email that confirms the payment

After you are allowed into the United States, file form I-90 (Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card), which is the first step for renewing your permanent resident card. You can complete the form online

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