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Filing for Bankruptcy?

Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer Peter Zooberg talks about filing bankruptcy in Florida. Call (813) 990-7944 Do you have large amounts of debts that you think you cannot ever repay?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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If so, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy in Florida. There are several types of personal and business bankruptcy to consider that we will briefly outline below. While filing bankruptcy is a serious matter, keep in mind that Florida has generous bankruptcy laws. There are many assets that you may be able to keep, including: Your home – Florida’s homestead exemption allows most home owners to keep their home in bankruptcy Retirement accounts Other personal and business assets While filing for bankruptcy will severely damage your credit, it sometimes is the best option. Keep in mind that you must have been living in Florida for at least 730 days before you file your bankruptcy petition. Below are the most common types of bankruptcy cases that are filed in Florida.

Most clients find that Chapter 7 is the best option for them when they are considering bankruptcy. If you need immediate debt relief, then you should visit our blog and learn about viable options for your financial situation.