Mandated Reporting

For more information about Mandated Reporting or what is required of a Mandated Reporter:

Illinois Department of Child & Family Services Child Protection

Illinois Department of Children & Family Services Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status

Illinois Department of Children & Family Services Reporting Child Abuse: Frequently

Asked Questions

Manual for Mandated Reporters

Manual para los Delatores por Ley

Online Mandated Reporter Training

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Training for Mandated Reporters!loginPage.action;jsessionid=2985E71B74ECD090EF2C160C1CC7A388

For more information regarding Mandated Reporting:

Child Welfare Information Gateway

Watch Victor Veith’s recorded presentation from UIS on “Lessons from Penn State – A Call to Implement a New Pattern of Training for Mandated Reporters and Child Protection Professionals.